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Jacqueline Moore is an English painter, creator, designer, and restorer specializing in the decorative arts.

Originally routed and known for her works on wood, her inspirations have largely derived from traditional and classical subjects such as Chinoiserie, Art Nouveau, Commedia Dell’Arte, Moorish Architecture, Arts & Crafts, and the Neo-Classical.

She has moved her passions in the art field over the years, to explore decorative works on linen and textiles, metals and paper.

Moore has designed wall panels, murals, paintings, tables, chairs and cabinets, and also a hand painted decorative line of wood tiles for the home interior.


In 2018, Moore launched a new collection of Verre Eglomise glass works.

These reverse painted panels of glass, designed, engraved, decorated and gilded in brilliant silver and gold, are luxury applications for interiors.

Used to embellish furnishings, fixtures, decorative objects, mirrors and paintings, these works are like theatre, full of light, layer, movement and colour.

From each angle viewed, you will notice something different about them.

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